Let me start by saying, I know I have worked out of my home. I did so because my husband told me too, which means I was obeying my husband. However, after we prayed about it, he decided it was fruitless for me to be working. Because of the situation in our home, on which we completely place the blame on me working,

Anyways, while I was taking a small break and checking out Facebook, I came across the following blog post. I very much enjoyed it. Please check it out!

The Lie that Feminism Built.

Since it has been a few days since I started to write this blog post, I had to go back and read what the link was about.

Sad, I know, but who wants a blogger writing of which she has zero knowledge of the subject at hand?

I did not always want to be a mommy. In fact, I almost gave my oldest up for adoption. Why? Because mommyhood was not where I wanted to be. I wanted to be out on some ship in the ocean playing soldier. Or, I wanted to be playing football. Go figure. But, when I got pregnant with my daughter, and going through the morning sickness, and craving for peanuts, and then throwing them back up. I think it was right around when she started to kick the insides of me that I decided, I rather be a mommy.

I thought I could have it all, go to school, work, be a mom. But in the end, being a mom is what I enjoyed the most. The early morning grab my nose and twist till I see tears in my eyes. The late afternoon of getting my head pushed back so she could kiss the “boo boo” which was the mole that was on my neck, that I still have by the way. She even has a matching one. I would not give those times up for anything. When I got pregnant 5 yeas down the road, I was again working to support my family since the ex was  a drug addict. Fast forward, I have worked for part of my marriage.  Mainly because we thought we could not make it otherwise. And, we did not trust God enough.

Feminism has played a big part in how our world is shaping up. How the children act towards their peers, and towards to other adults. We have thousands of children locked up in juvenile homes because their moms are too busy to care. Now, before you all go and bite my head off, I am not talking about the single moms that have to work. Or the moms that have been widowed. I am not talking about you. I am talking about the two parent families that want the almighty dollar so they can be like the neighbor. I have worked with many of these youths and the ones that strike me are the ones that could have a better life if their parents cared more. The moms that wanted to be out there instead of at home caring for their children.

I hated working. I fully blame my husband and I because my daughter is pregnant. Sure, she could have gotten pregnant anytime anywhere but, without me home, and my husband at school. She had a lot of time left to herself. The bible talks a lot about  child being left to themselves.

Proverbs 29:15   The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himselfbringeth his mother to shame.

So, while it may not be entirely our fault. We are taking the blame. We have done a lot of things wrong in our parenting. A lot of it has to do with basically wanting what we want as parents instead of the Lord. That is also a major part in the feminism life. Feminists want what they want instead of what God wants for their lives.

Enough from me, I am so glad that I am home now. I am so glad that because we are in our rightful places, the Lord is allowed to work.



10 thoughts on “Feminism

  1. Sad, the results of mothers missing from homes. Thank God your husband and you have realized the detriments and you are now home. I pray that you can stay there and that God would draw your daughter close to Him and that your grandchild would know Him and follow Him in a mighty way.

    God bless,
    Mrs. Q

    • Mrs. Q, I am also praying for this. I have no idea where God will lead me, but I know, because of HIS word, it not out of the house. But Lord willing, maybe something in the home such as babysitting?

      • And, I also want to add, should my husband want me to go back to work. I will, only because I want to obey my husband. It is between him and God. But, I would think, after watching our home suffer, he would not want that.

  2. well, i dont think there is anything un-biblical about working outside of the home..i have worked to help out a bit, when my husband wasnt able to make as much and it didnt harm my children in the slightest..i think that as long as both parents are a team, and are very involved in their childrens lives, it will be ok.

    • Candyhead ( hmm a blast from the past I think) I have to disagree with you. Every child I have ever met, has always wanted their mama home. It does damage a child. Maybe not to the extent that it has mine, but it will damage a child.

      • its me! (frankies mom)
        we honestly had no problems..granted, i didnt work that long but when i did, it was awesome. we had that little extra bit so we could get the things we needed and the kids were fine. i mean, it would be nice if situations didnt come up but they surely do and i dont mind stepping in to help out if need be. now, if my husband refused to work? oh no. way different story. and your kids arent damaged at all, you could be the most pious woman on earth and your kids will make mistakes! you are an awesome mother and you worked and made sure they had food to eat and the bills were paid, right? life is just hard and totally unfair.

  3. Amen, Ginger!! So glad you can be home.

    I love the fact that you added that you would work if your husband said to. So many disobey their husbands using biblical passages as an excuse. However, our first and foremost command from God as wives is to submit & obey. Yes, we can discuss things (reverently) with our husbands, but he has the final say. I will pray that Jamie allows you to stay at home.

    May the Lord bless you and your family!


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