Goals for 2012…


What I want to call, commitments.

We all have a goal in mind, some are eating right, some are laying off the booze, better wife, better parents… The list can go on and on.
I am on of them. I have some goals in mind for this year. I have prayed over them.

One of my goals, is I am going to again loose the pants.  In more ways than one. I am going back to wearing only a skirt or dress. No more jeans for this mama.
I am also shedding the pants in the family . As in, I am not leading my home anymore. If we falter, than it is on my husbands head. He wants this role. I do not. No way, no how. I do not want this role anymore. Being the head of the family is his rightful role as a believer in Christ.
So, the pants come off, and the skirt comes on.
No, we are not making Casey give up her pants, however, we are praying that she will. We will not purchase them for her. If she wants pants, she has to buy them.

I am going to spend the minimum of 10 minutes a day in the Word. Minimum. He deserves that much and so much more. I have a couple of great devotionals. I have my Joy of Womanhood workbook and of course I have the Word. My KJV bible.

I have financial goals. I have begun to gather up our debts so we can get out from under them.  We want to be better stewards of the money the Lord allows. One of them is making our own laundry soap/or buying it as cheap as I can. Making much of our food at home. Not from a box. Have a garden and grow our food as well. Canning as we go. Stocking up when the prices are conducive to do so. Couponing for most. I want to learn to barter.
Utilizing the library as we can. Scanning the web for coupons, and freebies.

Goals for 2012, I want to be a better family because of God. Not because we gain, but because we love our neighbors. I want to give more, help more. I want to reach more with the gospel. Seek others out. I want to be a better friend, and family member.

If the Lord comes in 2012, I want to hear, well done faithful servant. That is a goal. The end goal.


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