Just a Day

Today is just a day. Yesterday, was just a day. But, we had a houseful of beautiful and precious children. I had 9 here, yes, 9 in my small home. But it was such a blessing! We still have an extra two here. Just s day beings so much sunny thoughts in a grey, and dreary, rainy day outside. But inside, I have 6 children here playing. I have some Christmas music playing. I have a child painting nails, one is strumming the guitar why her toes are getting painted. One that is playing with the animals. I have two playing a video game and one is learning to spike his hair by his sister who is paining the above nails.

No one is arguing, no one is crying, and other than laughter, all I hear are the yaps of the dogs having fun. Meanwhile., I am doing dishes, figuring out how I plan on making the chicken I pulled out for dinner. I have the washer full of clothes and the dryer tumbling full of my babies clothing. My husband just went off to work, but before heading out the door, he stopped to kiss my lips.

Yes, I have an awesome life. My day is going awesome as well. I can not ask for a better life. God has already given me more that what I deserve.


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