I Will Survive

You know that feeling, when the kids seem like they are behind in school.

Or, you are crabby because of all the work that you have yet to grade.

Or, the printer is out of ink and you keep forgetting to pick some up from the store to do the printing that needs to be done so your kids can do schoolwork.

You will survive.

Homeschooling my children is one of the most rewarding experience I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  Not only that, I am learning more about what I should have learned in school but did not.

Not having someone else raise my children has many many benefits. One of the main benefits is that no one else has an influence on your child that you do not want on them.

I have had children in the public school system, in fact, 3 of my children have been in, and one is still in the system. I want to bring him back home. We are praying on that now in fact.

If you are new at homeschooling and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, or an oldie at homeschooling but wondering if you can handle another day, here ya go!


16 thoughts on “I Will Survive

  1. “Not having someone else raise my children has many many benefits.”

    That is an extremely rude comment to make. Just because a parent decides to send their child(ren) to public school, that does not, in any way whatsoever, mean “someone else” is raising them.

    I take a very active role in the education of my teenage daughter (who, by the way, has been in public school since Kindergarten, and is NOT currently pregnant). Can you say the same about your home-schooled daughter?

    My husband and I have made certain that we, as parents, are the major influence in her life, thereofore, we have no worries about “other influences”.

    Now, if you, or anyone, wants to home-school: fine!, great!. I fully support you. However, I also deserve respect in my decision. I do not just dump my child off in front of a public school building, and forget about her for the day. As I mentioned previously, I am fully active in her education.

    I will put my child’s education (gifted program, high honor roll, Mathlete, pre-college courses), up against your child’s education any day, and be certain she would come out on top.

    So, after all of this, what I guess I am saying is: Don’t be so judgmental of public education. Not all parents are like you. Some of us actually care about our child’s future.

    • For the record, my daughter was in public school when she got pregnant. I was also working 80 hours a week and my husband was going to school full time. For the record, all children make mistakes. And I would love to put my daughter up against yours and really see who does come out on top. She was in honor classes at school, as well. We pulled her back home to where she belongs. I was let go at work at the same time, so it made sense. See it was wrong for me to go work and my husband and I fully believe that. He dropped out of school to go to work and plans on going back when we get a 2nd vehicle. Did my daughter get pregnant because she was in the government school system? No. Could she have gotten pregnant while being home-schooled. Sure. However, had we not sent her to the school, she would not have met the friends there that had an influence over her. And yes, the public school does have the negative influences there. Ask any person that has gone to a public school.

      This post was not meant to be offensive. If you have taken offense, maybe there is something there that you need to examine.

  2. I fully support Ginger! She was not trying to say that Casey was blessed with a child because she was in public school. It was just one of the many reasons she decided to homeschool her. I feel like it was rude of you to comment on Ginger’s blog that Casey’s education was less than stellar! Apparently you do not know Ginger, or you would know that isn’t true! She takes great pride in making sure that her children learn as much as they can! Just because Casey is with child doesn’t make her any less of a person, or any less of a student!

    For that matter, just because Casey is with child, doesn’t make Ginger or Jamie any less of a parent! The fact that they are supporting her 110% shows me that they are more of a parent than a lot of parents would be in this situation!

    Basically, in my defense against Ginger and her familly, if you cannot say anything supportive, please do not hesitate to NOT comment!

    Love ya, G!!

  3. Wow. Marie took a completely personal, reflective observation and made it about her. Then while pontificating about Ginger’s observation being judgmental, actually took shots at her family in more than a judgmental way but also in a self-righteous, haughty, we’re better than you way. This one is priceless: “Not all parents are like you. Some of us actually care about our child’s future.” You must be very proud of yourself, you’re so enlightened and non-judgmental.

    Regardless of how invested you are in your child’s education at school the fact remains that someone else is caring and educating them for one-third of their day.

    Anyway, Ginger, glad you are enjoying having your kiddos with you.

  4. Your daughter was in public school for only a short while, was influenced by the evil of others and got pregnant. Wow! It sounds like she had some pretty flimsy beliefs to begin with to succomb so quickly to the influence of the world.

    So, Ginger, you think your daughter would do well against mine? Let me know when Casey isn’t standing in the welfare line, and I’ll set that up.

    You see, since I work full-time, I guess I’m the one who will be paying to raise her child through my taxes. Remeber that when you’re sitting at home on your 400 lb butt!

    Jennifer, I’m proud that I have others who dedicate their lives to help me raise my child. She is a better person for having been surrounded by both them and me. Her father and I know them all personally. Between us and them, we are doing a fabulous job!!

    • Wow, Marie. You have really been nasty here. Since your daughter is doing so well and you get on so well with her teachers, I can only guess you are not communicating with them the way you’ve addressed Ginger and Jennifer. You may intend your comments to be extremely proud and supportive of your daughter, but your commentary reads as petulant, rude, and plaintive. It’s pretty confusing, almost as if you just want to be mean. Surely, you have better ways to spend your time, and other places online that you find more personally fulfilling.

      Actually, I find myself wondering why you’re here (commenting) at all.

      Perhaps you need to frequent other blogs. I don’t see where you’ve contributed a single positive thing here today.

    • Wow!! How very un-Christ like!! In case you are forgetting, Ginger has put in quite a lot of work hours as well as Jamie, so if they use any of the welfare then they are entitled to it! There are a lot of people who take advantage of the system without ever contributing to it.

      Just because a mistake was made, doesn’t qualify you to determine that her beliefs were flimsy! Nobody is perfect, except God!!

      And you have no business talking about anyone’s weight other than your own!

    • If that’s so Marie, why be so offended by the original comment?

      My hope for your daughter is that those spending time with her will be teaching her better manners and humanity than I believe you possess.

      • I actually hope that she will never find her smart daughter making a dumb choice like mind did. I also hope, that if her daughter did make the choice of having sex before getting married, she will show her daughter the love and support her daughter needs. I also hope and pray that she will then turn around, and help her daughter raise this child with the love and acceptance that Jesus has given us.

  5. Sandra, you’re right. After reading through my comments, they are extremely rude and hurtful. I apologize to you, Ginger and Casey. I don’t know why her initial post made me so incredibly angry, but it did, and I completely flew off the handle.

    I guess I better take your advice and just move on. I won’t be back here again. But, let me say that I truly am proud of my daughter, as you must be of yours.

    • Marie, wow, you apologize and I thought for a moment, great she apologized and we can move on, but then you write, ” let me say that I truly am proud of my daughter, as you must be of yours.”
      I was going to add something, and I am sure it would have been negative. However, after I thought about it for a moment, scooted my husband off the computer, so I can write back and say, Yes, I am VERY proud of my daughter. She did not go out and get an abortion and murder her precious child. She made a mistake and going against our beliefs and what we wanted for her as parents. I was the parent that said that my daughter would never go behind our backs and do things that would wind her up being pregnant. See, I was 16 and pregnant and I never wanted that for my daughter. It has been a long hard road. I was not saved then either. She is saved and her lapse in judgment leaves a little to be desired. However, she is my daughter. I love her with all of my being. I am very proud of her for not aborting her baby. I am also proud of her for wanting to finish her education and wanting to go to school to be an RN.
      As parents, we made some grave mistakes. We allowed some stuff to enter into our home because we were just not here to deal with them. Like I said before, I worked 80 hours a week, I also home schooled 2 of my other children, cleaned, cooked, did the all the stuff a Mom should do. My husband and I made the mistake of thinking like the world and that we need to have 2 parents work. We do not. Yes, it would be nice to live in a nicer home, sure, it would be nice to actually be able to go out and buy our kids what they want, when they want.
      However, I am glad now to be home with my children, teaching them, learning along with them. Being there for them 24 hours a day.
      I am able to take advantage of the wonderful times with my children without having to share them with teachers and other children.

      And to the weight remark, I do not weigh 400LBS and to be honest, since moving to TN, I have lost 15 pounds.
      I feel kinda sorry for you. You must not be a very happy person to want to tear someone else down. For whatever it is worth, I plan on praying for you tonight. You must be sad in your shoes. Maybe it is time for you to sit back and evaluate what is important in life, where your eternal soul is going to rest one day. If you do not know Jesus as your personal savior, I pray that someone will come along and help you to see Jesus for what He is. And I pray, that you will go back through and reread my posts, and that you will reread your comments and even your “apology” and see where you may be wrong in your assumption of me.

  6. wow! a lot of emotions and comments running around here! just my 2 cents, for what it’s worth, i totally agreed with Ginger’s post. homeschooling provides both parent and child so much and more than learning lessons. we are able to give our children more time and more energy – as the song says- and we are able to keep our children from what we feel are undesirable influences. it has been my experience that moms who work outside the home see this and realize they don’t have that so they look for something positive from their situations. unfortunately there really isn’t any.- bragging about how great someone else is when it is that person who is tending to your child for most of the day isn’t brag-worthy in my opinion.
    we homeschoolers tend to be counter- cultural and we get misunderstood by those who are still living “in the world”
    as for Casey’s pregnancy, it really doesn’t matter if someone is homeschooled or public schooled, living in a christian home or not- it is one sin i understand very well. teenagers and love are a “deadly” combination! i guess having been in that situation my self at the age of 17 helps me understand!
    by the way- just because you can see Casey’s sin more easily doesn’t make her any worse than anyone else’s daughter.
    as i have said before praise God that Casey has parents willing to help her and not give up on her or let her give up on herself.


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