Thoughts on Teen Pregnancy

I have a few thoughts on teen pregnancy.

My daughter Casey is pregnant. Yes.

But, does that mean it is the end of the world for her? That she is hellbound? That her baby is going to be born into being on Welfare its whole life. Does this mean that her wee one will also be a parent at the tender age of 16?

Well, let’s take the first question. Is it the end of the world? Nope. Not at all. Sure, she wants to be a nurse and this COULD hinder it. But, why should it? She has a support system here at home. I got the message from dh last night that he does not see me going back to work at all ( clapping) So, if Casey chooses to remain at home, she will have a free babysitter. What I mean by remaining at home is past the age of 18. I will watch her child while she is in school and at work. Yes, she has to work some. I highly doubt she will get support from the father of this baby. That is a whole other story, and one I probably will not get into here.

Next question: Is she hellbound? I do not believe she is. She has her own personal salvation testimony and she would be glad to give it! Sure she committed a sin, but so didn’t you when you did not give back the pen to the check out clerk at the grocery store. Oh, that was me, my bad sorry.
She has to and I am not sure if she has gone to our Father or not to ask for forgivness but she has asked of it from her dad and I. We have chosen to forgive her, since we also know that the Lord almost commands it does he not?
We love our daughter and we want the best for her.

Will she be on welfare the rest of her life? I hope not, none of us want our children to be on welfare. It is not a great system to be on. Casey does have a good head on her shoulders and with perseverance and faith she can accomplish her dream of becoming a nurse. Will it be easy? Nope. But, if she allows us to help her and follow our rules while living under our roof she should have no problems with getting her education.

Only time will tell her child will become a parent. Much to early to answer that question doncha’ think? God is awesome. We all have our own free will. And, we all make our own choices. But, that does not mean that Casey will stear her child wrong. She made the choice to have relations. God have her/us this baby to raise up. We will do our best. But we will fail.

I am happy for this baby to be coming into our lives.



10 thoughts on “Thoughts on Teen Pregnancy

  1. Things won’t be easy for your daughter, but she is fortunate to have a loving, supportive family to circle her. Such a shame about her boyfriend, but maybe he is still immature. Seeing the baby for the first time might awaken paternal instincts in him. Hope you all have a Merry Blessed Christmas!

  2. Several of my friends became mothers for the first time in their teens, and each one has told me how having that baby changed them – for the better: brought them back to the Lord, caused them to “grow up”, become less selfish……….so many things! I also know that they had wonderfully supportive family, too!

  3. I too am a teen mom! I am 18 with a beautiful daughter. I am also just starting nursing school 🙂 my boyfriend and I both saw the wrath of god during those times, we are now celebate but we do live together. We strive to raise her in God and do our best ourselves. We are not on welfare and are doing pretty well financially especially for our ages and situation! If your daughter would like to email me please feel free to have her do so 🙂

  4. We are planning on it! But it takes time and money, we both want a wedding rather then just a court house one, and school and taking care of baby comes first! Once I’m out of school that’s the first thing were planning on doing! 🙂 we’ve thought about doing a court house wedding and then doing a “wedding” later, but we just don’t know!

    • You can always just do a JP wedding now, then in 10 years? Plan on an awesome wedding!!! This way, you are living as God would intend for you all to live:) Just my not wanted $.02..

  5. I know, we really should do that! I just feel like it’d be cheating myself out of my own wedding. But I shoukd have thought of that when I made the decisions I did! I think we actually will do that now that I know we’re not the only ones who think its a good idea, everyone here says to wait and “do it right” so THANK you for your 2 cents! Im 18, I need as much of other peoples wisdom as I can get!! 😉


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