13 Weeks

Casey has reached the first milestone, the end of the first trimester. She has had some horrid back pain, and is forever falling asleep, mid-sentence sometimes. Except at night, she can not sleep at night and is awake most of the night. She also had some wicked nausea, but only got sick once. I am so jealous.

She has been pretty much miserable so far. I hope that it subsides soon for her. She was given a giftcard to Old Navy for a maternity outfit. She picked them out. I wanted her to get a skirt, but she choose pants.:( Something we are working on here is the heart attitude. We are a work in progress.

I also think my camera is going. It just no longer takes nice clear photo’s and it is driving me insane. Seriously insane. I have reset to factory settings to no avail.

So up on the I need it really soon wishlist is a new camera.

Casey finally felt well enough to hang outside with me to try and get a few shots.

It was really chilly out, and she was a bit cold. Hence the above stance.

But getting a smile out of her was not happening. Like I said, she is miserable with this pregnancy. I had happy pregnancies, where I felt great most of the time, even when I was throwing everything up. I think if she could be rid of the back pain, she would be much happier. I am trying to find a chiropractor that we can afford to take her to.

She is starting to get the pooch belly. Which we are excited for her about.

Do not get me wrong, I rather not be a grandma at this stage in my life. Nor do I want her to be a mama at this stage in her life. However, I KNOW God allows things to happen for the good. This baby has been a good thing for our family. It has brought us all back together. The Lord allowed this pregnancy to bring my husband and I back together on the same page.  We were at one point contemplating a separation. Neither really speaking of it, but it was there, hanging in the air.

However, like I said, we are back on the same page, working together to bring up our children under God. God is back to being number one in our family. For a while, we put electronics, ourselves, before Him. We did some stuff without praying. We did a lot without praying. Something we are really working on. We are so far from being where we want to be on our walk, but that is the thing, it is our walk. We have our own individual walk with Him, and then, Jamie and I have a walk together, and then we have a walk as a family. We are a work in progress.

Yes, Casey is 16 going on 17. She is going to be a mom. The dad and her are not an item. She is not getting married. He has really turned into a psychopath at least from what we can tell and have read online. She wants nothing to do with him. She intends to raise this child on her own. But, she really is not alone. She has her dad and I. She has her 3 brothers. She also has a wonderful, awesome, church family that will help her and us through this adventure. God has been good to us, despite of ourselves.


2 thoughts on “13 Weeks

  1. It is truly wonderful how you love your daughter. I just want to thank you for writing so openly and honestly. I also want to say that Casey is such a pretty girl!
    God bless you and your lovely family,
    Rebecca from cmomb


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