John Deer Flannel PJ’s

It has been ages since I have sewn a stitch in anything.

I sewed a skirt for my daughter I think, just before I went to work.
sewing,twirly skirt
sewing,twirly skirt

Yes, she is twirling in the thing.

And yes, she can still fit into it.

And yes, she still twirls in the thing.

Ok, so,

or is it sew?

I digress,


I cut out some cute pj’s for Jonah. I had enough of the John Deer fabric to make a pair of toddler size sleep pants.

I have a bit more for a certain grandchild on the way if it is a boy.

If not, I will save the scraps.


Sorry they are sideways.

They are so cute!

However, I think they might be too small for the little man at church.

ahh well.

I might just hang them on my wall:)


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