I am meaning to blog more, but about what?
Any Idea’s?
Also, I would love to be apart of theme”s?
Anyone one out there have a theme I can blog for?

I think I hear an echo


3 thoughts on “Blogging?

  1. I struggle often with what to write about. Seeing lessons or humor in everyday life is always a good thing.

    I do the Homeschool Mother’s Journal link-up most weekends at Don’t know if that’s along the lines you’re looking.

    I read all of your posts! Praying for all of you!

  2. Dear Freind in Christ,

    One of the ways that I do when I run out of things to say on my blog is that I pray about what to write and you know what, He ALWAYS makes me think of something.

    Some ideas might be to put out scriptures that you like and tell why they ment something to do.

    Share your struggles and tell how the Lord has helped you in your trials.

    Just a few ideas. Hope they help.

    In He who Lives,



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