Teen Pregnancy

Since, I am going to be a parent of a teen mom, I decided I wanted to write, and will write more about Teen Pregnancy and Teen Parenting.

My daughter also is starting a blog if anyone wants to read it.

Since, this adventure started for our family, I have decided to do some research.

Let me begin, I was a teen mom. So, I guess history does repeat itself.

The good ol’s USA has the highest rate of teen pregnancy and teen parents than any other western industrialized nation.

Every year 750,00 girls will get pregnant. That is just about 1/3 of all teen girls.

2/3 of the pregnant teens will not graduate from high school.

The good news is that teen pregnancy rates are dropping and lower now than they were in the 90’s. But, it is still a problem.

73 percent of the teen girl population will have sex before they are 20 years old. To me, that is astonishing.

We need to lower that number. So way some how, even if it is already dropping. It needs to drop more.

One of the ways is to allow the teaching or morals in schools. Yes, God. God himself will help this issue.

Will teens continue, sure, unfortunately.

But we have to start somewhere.







7 thoughts on “Teen Pregnancy

  1. Good post. Thank you for the stats. Wondered which study you got them from. I worked for a crisis pregnancy center for five years. the girls that made it successfully through their teen pregnancy and went on to college or career or marriage were those supported by their parents. Bless you for supporting your daughter!

  2. I don’t mean to criticise during such a critical time, but many many studies have shown that the only thing that actually lowers teen pregnancy rates is education and access to birth control. While of course in an ideal world teens wouldn’t be in sexual relationships, the reality is that many are. I hope that when your other children are older, you can use this experience for their benefit.

      • Also, my boys will be taught the same as my daughter. If it is the Lords will, i will be home with them. I pray I will not be working. I worked this past summer so Casey was left to herself. A child left to themselves brings shame.

  3. Educating your teenager about the consequences of promiscuous behavior and giving him/her a loving, balanced home atmosphere, can actually go a long way in curbing unwanted teenage pregnancy in the future. This, along with stern steps taken by both the school and the government will surely help nip this problem in the bud.


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