Mama Needs a Money Tree

Or a Sugar Daddy.

Or both.

We have not one,


Two broken vehicles. 

If I swore (which I, ahem, never do)
I would say God was against my family.

I know. Not true.
But He does allow things to happen.

The van broke down,  a mere mile or so from home.

Of course.

Jamie calls. I grab another man and we head down to help.
I helped a whole lot. Yep.
From the corner across the street.
Across the intersection.
I clapped my hands.
I am a big help.
We finally got hone. I assessed the situation.
Decided God has a sense of humor,
at e a delish brownie and said.
Yep. How to get the $ now.
How to get to work.

God has a sense of humor for sure.

Oh and I lied.

I do cuss. Like a sailor. It is my major sin. I am working on it.
I did good.
Did not cuss tonight.



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