Surveys and Name Change and a New Toy…

Well, I will talk about the name change first.

I like change.

Change is good, most of the time.

If you look in the address bar, the address is still the same. The name just changed.

That’s it. Simple.

Surveys. I love doing reviews and surveys. I have been doing them since 2002 and I really love it.

I have done reviews of laundry detergent, softeners, paper towels, garbage bags, video games, and even free membership to websites.

I get to keep the product. I get to talk about the product with friends, depending on the website.

Right now, as soon as I get the product, I will be reviewing a toy from Tonka.

It is called, Tonka XT Ricochet Tricksters. I am really excited to be able to try out this product with my kids. I have been a member of for some time now and I have been able to try out a ton of great things because of them.

It looks really neat. It does some tricks and it flips from one side to another. So, that should make my life easier. I will not have to walk over to the thing and flip it around a dozen times.

You will be able to buy it at places such as Target and Walmart. I bet even Toy r Us will have it too.

What a fun and neat gift.

I might have to buy my dad one.

Who am I kidding,

I might not share with my children. I might keep the toy all to myself.

I can see myself outside, building a ramp and flying this toy all over the place.

I might let a child or a couple of my children play.

if they are good.

If they say they love me enough.

Or just because, I am a fun mama and want them to try out something new too…



One thought on “Surveys and Name Change and a New Toy…

  1. Like the name!! 🙂
    That toy would be a great stress reliever. Maybe hat’s the problem w/ adults – we often forget to play! Enjoy the truck (I should look for that for a Christmas gift).


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