Be Still

I am laying in bed. I am on my phone.
I am listening to the Kaktidids and the crickets sing their evening lulaby.
My kids are all sleeping in their various and peculiar positions.
My husband is snoring.
Right now, the world is alright.
We are all in our beds safe.
I hear the wind rustling in the leaves.
I hear an owl hoot.
I even hear a bird singing.

Be still.
In life’s bustle of activity. I personally do not take the time to be still.

Be still.

I hear the croak of a frog nearby. The faint smell of a skunk.
I can hear a child talking in his sleep.

Be still.

We often, as moms are not still enough to hear God. Sure we pray. But when we pray, are we taking the time to be still so we can hear God? Or, are we doing all the talking.

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.



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