This is an area I really struggle with.

I think anyone who does not work outside the house can struggle with this, let alone someone that works out of the home.

Life gets in the way.

It is so convenient to just grab a box, ground some beef, and throw in the contents of what is in that said box.

Easy right?


No matter what the box says. It is still very unhealthy.

I used to make everything by scratch. Bread, dinner, etc.

Don’t they look yummy? I made these a couple of years ago when I did a post on bread making.

I hope to do another soon.

Now, if I did not stop at the store, for a box of dinner, it is a free for all.

So not good.

I miss the old days and the old ways.

Not from the 50’s of course.

But a couple of years ago.

I could take an egg, ground beef and rice and turn it into a gourmet meal fit for my family.

I love cooking and baking from scratch,

It makes the house smells so yummy!

I also know that it would be so much more healthier for my family.

Health is something I am learning again, to get into.

Being fat, I am not setting a good example for my family.

I want to change that,

Starting to make foods from scratch again, is just another way to watch what goes into our bodies.

Now, don’t these guys look yummy?



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