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Is back up and running.

Well Sorta…

I am working on details as we speak.

I am working on our first session.

The website will be up and running again soon…

I am excited.


Domestic Diva

Ok, so a diva I am not.

I am not high-mantaince. I am quite a plain-jane most days.

I doubt I have anything shiny hanging in my closet.

I am now at the moment, a stay-at-home mama.

I was let go at work the other day. I am so not sad about it. I am scared as that means no income. But, the Lord will provide my husband a job. Me a job, if that is His will.

If not.
I am more than ok with that too.
I have already begun figuring out how I can help bring in extra cash.

I am ready for a new adventure.

Are you ready to come along for the ride?

Just an Fyi; I do have a knack at finding the pot-holes.


Ok, as a mom, do we ever, ever stop being tired?

Well… I can answer that question.


Doncha know? A momma’s job is never done.

I am more tired then ever lately. Seems like I can not get enough sleep.

I really want to sleep for days.

I am so tired of dealing with the nastys in my life.

Tired of never having enough money to cover the bills.

Let alone buy a pair of pants for my son.

A bra for my daughter.

Clothes for moi! I have not had a new outfit in so long, I think I forgot what size I wore.

I just want for once, my husband to work to help me.

Never mind, I am supposed to help him.

So Big

Today was the first time the puppies got to head outside.

They are a troublesome pair for sure.

The biggest and youngest of the two is an escape artist.

Good thing he knows how to get back in.

Starting to papertrain.


6 weeks old today.