Unconvincing Testimony

I received the following in my mail box not to long ago and I thought it was very fitting.

Unconvincing Testimony

For thou shalt be his witness unto all men of what thou hast seen and heard.

                                        —Acts 22:15

There is a large amount of ineffective Christian testimony among us today. Much of it is well-intended, I am sure—honest and sincere. We do the best we can with what we have. But our performance turns out to be something like that of the salesman promoting fountain pens. He tries to make a case for his product, but his would-be customers know he really thinks ballpoints are far more practical.

Too much of our Christian witnessing is unconvincing because we have not been convinced. We are ineffectual because we have not yet capitulated to the Lord from glory. It is like the proselyte making proselytes….

Perhaps this is happening because we are trying to plan how everything should happen. Everyone of us reads a little how-to book on witnessing. We try to do it the way we have been taught. But it is perfunctory and without any contagious element. If angels can weep, they must weep salty tears upon seeing a proselyte who has never really met the Lord making another proselyte who will also never meet the Lord.  

— Tozer on Christian Leadership


3 thoughts on “Unconvincing Testimony

  1. I’ve wanted to ask this question for a while now and I think this post segues into my nosiness in a roundabout way. When I first started following your blog why back when on Xanga I think it was, you were wearing cape dresses and headcoverings as was your daughter. I’m not judging you on that of course its a personal choice and an innocuous one at that. I just was wondering what led to giving it up? If it’s personal I totally understand, I think it would be a fascinating post though.

    • Dear Lids,
      I am sorry I did not approve this right away, I have little internet connection at home, so I do not know how long this has been awaiting to be approved.
      Let me preface this with, I think this would make a most excellent post and I will do one shortly.

      Next, I would be glad to share with you, and my other readers. I am also wowed that someone is still following me since my xanga days. WOW, How long ago was that? I am impressed. I have had several blogs since then.

      My beliefs, and life has evolved. That can basically sum it up. I will plan a blog post soon about it. I had a small block of what to put on here, so that actually helps me:)


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