Watkins Glen, NY | Ginger Barber Photography, Scenic Photography

In NY, there is this park called Watkins Glen.

I could go on forever about this place, but, I will let the pictures speak.

I might add in a commentary or 2.

If you ever go, bring water, and good walking shoes.

The above was taken with my cell.


Going into the tunnels surrounded by water was pretty neat!

The above is one of my favorite area’s. So peaceful and so serene.

All this was made possible due to FDR’s thing back during the depression.

All 800 plus steps, all the walls, everything.


Nah, he is not apart of the scenery there, but just as cute!

But, I am a bit biased.

Oh yes.

What goes down…..

Has to do what?

See, I said bring a good pair of walking sneakers.

I was serious.

It’s about a 2=3 hour hike.

If you get to the bottom by 6pm, they will shuttle you back to the top, or bottom depending on where you started.

If you arrive at 6:02 pm, you are way too late.

Don’t ask me how I know.

I just ahem



2 thoughts on “Watkins Glen, NY | Ginger Barber Photography, Scenic Photography

  1. I stumbled on your blog through CMOMB, and to my surprise I saw these lovely photographs! I grew up in Watkins Glen…still live here, right downtown, work part time on the ambulance here as a paramedic. I love this town, and the beauty of it is no small reason why my husband and I chose to stay! These are beautiful photos; you have a gift.


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