Growing Up

Casey has a boyfriend as many of you know.

It is quite serious.

There is even talk of that M word.

Yes, I know.

She is shy of 17.

But she has been taught all her life, then when she was allowed to have a boyfriend, she needed to be thoughtful.

She needed to keep in mind, she is not shopping for a man that will be discarded later on when she is done.

It is a forever decision.

Some will say WOW, much to strict. She needs to have more boyfriends and experiment.

To me, that is just asking for a divorce. Too many marriages end up in divorce.

Some will say, she is not really courting. We allow hugs and holding of the hands, and even sitting next to each other.

Gasp I know!

They have yet to kiss and if I bring up being sexually active, both go running.

They are both virgins.

Shawn is his name. He is also a new believer.

I know, another no no. And at first I agreed.

My husband allowed their relationship to flourish. It was not up to me, let’s get that straight.

He has been given permission to ask her hand, but he can not do that yet till she is 17. Plus, there is still a couple of more things he has to do before he can ask her.

But for now, they are enjoying their friendship, and their relationship.



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