Off the Grid

Off the grid so to speak at home.

We no longer have our phone nor do we have internet.

It is so different to just not be able to pick up the phone and call someone who cares.

Kinds of sad and fun at the same time.

I know it is just for a season.

I know there is a good reason.

Even if the reason I have a problem with.

God is allowing it.

I love God. So I am not going to complain.

It is kind of strange to not just be able to log in on the great world wide web.

I will get it back.

When kids have questions, I want to be able to answer them if I do not know it.

Like today, I was asked why do woman dilate.  We were talking about some stuff and that came up.

I do not know, WHY,

I told Jamie he could answer that one.

It was all his.

He decided to walk out the door and go to school.

The nerve.

Leaving me with that kind of question.


I told Adam, when he gets married,

he can ask his wife that question.

Problem solved.

I am not even going to Google it.

Nope. I am NOT.

I am glad I can get on at work to Google such stuff.

Check out Facebook.

Even blog.

I like to blog.

Except, I am not going to blog that answer.




6 thoughts on “Off the Grid

  1. that was funny! what happened about your phone and internet? i honestly am so dependent on the internet that I go crazy without being online in a day! i know it kinda sounds sad, but i’m really addicted to the internet. everything important to me is basically on the net. i have my blog, i have skype to talk to my family, i use google to look up stuff, i use netflix, etc. anyways thanks for posting, i really enjoyed this one!

    • thanks it was just a tough month, for July and this month. We had to run to NY once at the end of June and then at the end of July. So time off of work, and rental,. We had to forgo the cell bill so that we could do it for July. At the same time, my hours went from 50-60 hours a week to just 16. So, no income was coming in. It was either pay rent or cell.. Rent came first. We will get the cell back soon. Cell was also my connection to the internet. Someday, we will have the real internet at home. Just we need to play catch up again, and dh does not work. So I have to wait on him to work too.

      • what?! that’s a huge cut in hours! what happened? are you by any chance a cafeteria staff from one of the public schools here in california ’cause i’ve been hearing a lot of stories from bitter employees…

      • HA, no, I work in a juvenile delinquents rehabilitation center. I get to spend my nights being a glorified babysitter basically. Though I love my job, I am not anything on the totem pole.


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