Gotta Love It

As I sit at work, on the computer, I decided to run through my blog list that I read once in a while and go through them.

One by One.

Recently, my name was on one and it was because I responded to her in a comment about needing to work as in obeying and by doing so, I was indeed obeying my husband.

Well, she said my username on her blog. So, I of course responded with almost the same verbage.

Now, the posts have disappeared, which is good. They are no longer up making other women feel like failures because they are not home, but working to assist their husbands. So, that is a small amen.

But at the same time, I wonder if she really paid attention to what I wrote.

Did she think I was right? And that is the reason she took the posts down?

In anycase, I am glad.

I do need to say this though,

If a woman is working out of her home, and it is for to pay for a huge home, or go on vacations, or put their kids in expensive schools. That is wrong!  ( if she is obeying her husband to obain these, that is between her husband and God),

I have known one woman, who worked to just put her kid in daycare. Serisouly?

Why did I write this?

No idea LOL

But thanks for reading.

And oh, yea, I know the lady I was referring to above reads my blog. I hope she leaves a comment so I can discuss this over email…

There I go with the periods again.




3 thoughts on “Gotta Love It

  1. Oh wow. I cannot leave my name (posting as a guest), cuz it’s got something called ‘bjsbrain’ listed? LOL. I am not the lady in question. However, I had the same experience with that blogger, only had a post with my ‘name’ as the title, and it was not friendly. She removed that post as well. About women working: I totally support the reason you work. As a stay-at-home, I worked 2 years at my children’s christian school in lieu of tuition. As a NYC resident, the schools are…but let’s just say I learned about Christ as a child from a classmate in a public school. And let’s also say that after those two years, God clearly spoke to me and asked if children hear from children better than adults at times and where did I learn about Him… And let’s conclude my husband and my hearts’ peace that if those schools were left in utter darkness, and the possibility that those never giving their hearts to Christ could somehow not be entirely their fault….

    Anyway…. I am a grandmother now. Our children did struggle spiritually for a season. They are now on-fire for Jesus, married to God fearing husbands. I did not tell that blogger about this in my life. I can only imagine the post railing against me and that God could not at all have spoken like that into my life, because she’d be so certain He would never do something like that.

    Anyway….we must live outside of our minds. We must allow the Holy Spirit to break through our sensibilities at times. We need to remember how God needs to use us in circumstances where the light of salvation can be the brightest. A small flame shines ever so brilliantly when dark is present.

    Light a candle in a sun-lit room.

    You get the idea.

    I am not promoting public school. I am promoting dependence on the Holy Spirit and surrender beyond our understanding to God.

    I am promoting hunger for God. Prayer, worship, reading His word.

    I am to tell you He still talks to us today. Individually as well as corporately.

    I am to tell you He does not solely abide nor reserve His pleasure over one particular way of living.

    Blinders. We need them. Look not to the right nor to the left.

    I pray for that blogger as well.

    Living in NYC is considered a ‘hell’ to some christians. It is a ripe harvest. And I am so thankful He chose me to be here.

    God bless you and your family ;).

  2. Oh good! I got to post my name! LOL. Just one last afterthought, one I think will serve a bigger purpose if I comment on what I know is a truth.

    I know for a fact that one of the commentors supporting that post (in by where you were ‘called out’, so to speak) has never….ever….faced what you have. Is home full-time and has never been in the shoes worn by you.

    God has called me away from the internet. I admit to having a hard time with that call. But for what I have myself struggled with, fallen and stumbled myself by…

    God needs to become more present, more evident in my hours than “the social network”.

    Blessings. You may not hear from me for a long time, if God is gracious and I walk away from this medium as I know He is leading.



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