Coming Up on the Blog..

I have great plans for my blog,

Oh yes I do!

I want to do a special post each week. Kind of like a blessing post. I might, or might not include photo’s.

In that particular post, I might post a list of my blessings for the week, such as,

I am so glad I can home school my children the way I want to still!

See, that is a blessing for this week!

I want to do a 52 week photo thing. Where I post a shot each week. I need to get out my camera more and record our events and moments.

I miss shooting my children!


Just kidding, of course.

Of Course!

I want to post thoughts on women working out of the home, as well as being a stay at home.

On the blog, in the future will be stuff from our days of schooling.

I will be listing on that side bar ——> links of all the sites and things I use for our Home School

I might also post the usual mundane stuff.

I like it, and some of you actually read my blog!


Me thinks you like it too!

Till next time……


One thought on “Coming Up on the Blog..

  1. That sounds cool!

    Hey you know what helps get readers? Comment on other people’s blogs. I’ve noticed that if I do that, I get new people who visit and become interested. It also reminds people (like me) to visit your blog since all that needs to be done is to click on your name to see the latest. 🙂


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