God Answers Prayers and a Prayer Request….

So, I am posting from my computer on my blog ( shhh don’t tell the anyone) but as soon as I posted my last post, I was able to get on Facebook and on here.

Shrugging my shoulders. I did delete some settings and played with that setting etc. So, I have no idea what I did in the first place, and no idea what I did this time either. God answers prayers.

Casey was given 2 pairs of pants for school ( my husband allows pants to be worn in our home)

She was also given a couple of long skirts. She had outgrown her other long skirts and we have been praying for a plain denim one. We got one Amen!

My brother in law, got a job! Amen!

I have been praying for more time with my children, I got that! I am still working but only part time.

Now, prayers are needed financially in a big way.  Since my hours were cut at work, I think you can understand what I am saying here…..

If my 4 readers would pray for me and our home that would be awesome!

Having faith is hard for me since I am the one that will run out and do everything in MY power to make things workout they way IIIIII want them too…

I have put out a ton of applications and resumes for a new/better job. I am praying a job will come up for me, or my husband.

Praying that our needs will be met in a very timely way.

I also have a need for prayer in relationship with my husband. For a long time now, I have been the “head” of my home. Not a good place for this mama to be. My man wants to be the head and I want to be his helpmeet. Hard to do especially as he is an introvert, and I am a major extrovert.

Prayers are greatly appreciated!



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