What I Shoot With…

Yep, this is a post about what I shoot with…

I am so not talking about this.

though someday I want to shoot with one of these.

I am talking about this.

A Canon XSI which I do not think is being made anymore by Canon. It is in the rebel series and I highly recommend them if you are a hobbyist.

If not, go for a Canon 50d or maybe even the canon 7d.

What I want, and hopefully will get in a few months is this

Canon 5d Mark III. It is not even out yet. But Glory Be, she is a beauty!

( threw a little southern talk in there)

I want her, but, I will settle for the mark II if needed.

I have the nifty 50. Cheap lens, but creates beautiful bokeh.

This lens is always on my camera.

I sold my other lens, I had a 55mm-250mm lens, but needed some cash flow..:( It’s ok. I will get a better lens later on.

I also have the kit lens.

Someday I will have other lenes

But till then, I will use what I have.

The camera or lens does NOT make you a photographer. It is learning to use what you have.

I am still learning.



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