It is Well With My Soul


It has been a while. I have not played on the computer much.
It is still well with my soul!


What I Shoot With…

Yep, this is a post about what I shoot with…

I am so not talking about this.

though someday I want to shoot with one of these.

I am talking about this.

A Canon XSI which I do not think is being made anymore by Canon. It is in the rebel series and I highly recommend them if you are a hobbyist.

If not, go for a Canon 50d or maybe even the canon 7d.

What I want, and hopefully will get in a few months is this

Canon 5d Mark III. It is not even out yet. But Glory Be, she is a beauty!

( threw a little southern talk in there)

I want her, but, I will settle for the mark II if needed.

I have the nifty 50. Cheap lens, but creates beautiful bokeh.

This lens is always on my camera.

I sold my other lens, I had a 55mm-250mm lens, but needed some cash flow..:( It’s ok. I will get a better lens later on.

I also have the kit lens.

Someday I will have other lenes

But till then, I will use what I have.

The camera or lens does NOT make you a photographer. It is learning to use what you have.

I am still learning.


I keep reading about children being banned from restaurants and airplanes!


Yes, I know, I have children. I did not forget.

Thanks though for trying to remind me.

I was thinking at first how rude. ( spoken in true Michelle Tanner way, of course)

Seriously, how can these cute babies ever be an issue on an airplane? Or in a restaurant?

Or, what about these precious babes?

I remember a time when my children were unruly and I truly did not care what others thought either.

I changed and quick. I realized those looks were at us, and I sat back one day and realized, I had brats.

That needed to change.

It did. and quick.

But after getting a tad bit older, and watching parents today, I have decided if I am spending $100.00 a meal ( haha not ever happening to me) I would not want children there either.

As with smoking, why should I have to deal with kids who’s parents do not want to take care of them.

Now, before you get in my face about children with special needs….

I have one. They can be trained to act right, or just do not go out.

But, also, there are exceptions.  Most parents won’t take their child out to eat if they know they will misbehave.  When my son was younger, he did not do well in places with lots of other children. So we stayed away. The noise drove him crazy. So, we would go through the drive thru and get our meal to go. Now, he can sit still, but it took years of training.

Autistic children do not do well in groups. So, why take your child out if you KNOW he or she will not do well? It is selfish, if you ask me, and I know you just did:)

But for “normal” children, I have seen parents say now Jonny, ill get you a sucker if you act right…. and say it over and over and over

and over

and over

and over

and Jonny still comes to my table and steals food off of my plate and the mom says, oh you must have what he likes….

No I’m sorry, nothing.

and he does it again….

Now, if it was my children,

First they would have never gotten of their seat, or we would be in the bathroom having a chat.

If they did it again, we would have our check and we would be leaving.


Children do not run their parents…..

But, in this day and age ( now I sound old ) children are taught that if you mom and dad discipline you, you need to call 9.1.1 and they will help you… Pffft……

Sure, I admit there are parents that take it way too far and abuse their children and I am saddened to learn it is by far happening more and more these days then ever before. Hmmm can it be parents are STRESSED? Another topic for another day I ‘suppose.

In my home, children do not have rights…

<sigh> I heard you gasp by the way.

They earn the chance to stay up past their bedtime.

They earn the chance to talk on the phone to friends.

They earn the chance to choose their clothing….

They break the rules, they lose their chances of the above.

No rights at all. As a parent, we are required by law to feed, cloth, and put a roof over their heads. We do.

I make one meal…… not one for Cody, one for Casey, one for Adam and one for Jonah. Now, if either had an issue with allergies, I would make them something they could eat outside of what the family is eating and fit in with what we are eating.

Casey does have many issues with food, however, we deal with those issues.

Parents cater too much to their children. Seriously, Joey does not have to eat chicken nuggets at every meal… Not only are they unhealthy, he will never learn to eat food that is given to him at someone else’s house. Or maybe you just do not go out? Cause, Joey would not get nuggets if we happen to be eating lasagna. I would expect him to eat what we are.

You are doing a disservice to your child if you are doing that. Shame on you. What if they were to become a missionary and had to eat worms? I know of a missionary that did eat worms to get someone to church….. Quite the story!

Ephesians 6:1   Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.

Ephesians 6:2   Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;)

Bible does not say, parents obey your children…..

Nope could not find one verse that said that.

God is not in the midst of their parenting these days. I can say that because, to be truthful, he has not been in mine either. And, it shows.

Today, waking through the store, I have to get after my children for how they were acting towards each other.

So, not happening again. I promise you that. We will go back through the training.

A good place for some training is

Raising Godly Tomato’s

Yes, I have to put them as I have used their material.

To Train Up a Child

So, my ending thoughts are…

If you bring your children out in public, make them behave or go home!

Someday, I will be able to put my thoughts into coherent paragraphs with proper grammar and punctuation….

till then, I do apologize.