A Review: Trend Micro SafeSync

Well, I have been using Trend Micro SafeSync for a couple of weeks now.

I decided to try it out because it was something I could try out for free because I am a Bzzagent.

So, like I said, it has been a couple of weeks. It was very easy to install.  SafeSync is easy to use as well. Their Quote:

Protect, access and share your digital files anytime, anywhere

And, it is true. My files are backed up. I can access my files from anywhere. All I need is my login information. I then can share them with anyone. They even have aps you can download to your phone, and access your information right from your phone. I even tried out that feature today, and it was amazing! All of my stuff was right there, where I can access it.

So, head over to SafeSync now, sign up for a free trial and see how easy it is to use!

As for being a Bzzagent, you can sign up over there and get access to awesome reviews, leave reviews, and try out new products!


I am not paid for my reviews, I am however given the free product to try out. If I like it, or now, it is up to you to try it at your own risk.



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