More Photo’s From Bledsoe Fort Shoot.

I figured since I said I would share more photo’s. I might as well as get started and throw them out there to be seen.

Do not ask me what she is doing. I so do not have a clue.

We can chop it up to the many faces of Casey?

The new Beau Shawn of course.

We still like him.

Even if he is funny…..

Yes, they are hugging. We allow hugging and hand holding, and they can sit next to each other. But for the most part, that is about all that goes on. She is not allowed to kiss or any other things with him. Sort of courtship, sort of not.

We even allow the occasional chase.

I love the sun-flare on this one. An old cemetery.

I have more to edit. I might share, I might not. But, you can hit me up on facebook to see them if you want. Or check over on my Flickr account:


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