Free Money

No, I do not own a money tree, if I did, I might or might not share with you.


If it was a good producer, I so would split with a sucker for you!


So, you want some free money right?


We at Couponing, Frugal, & Freebie Loving are having another give away.

No, it is not another organizer. Sorry.

Nor is it real money.

I would have to keep the green backs, sorry.

But, it is an envelope full of wonderful coupons that expire in July or later.

Want to enter?

Easy to do!

2 things,

Like our page

The share our page on your wall simply by putting the @Couponing, Frugal & Freebie Loving on to your wall page.

Then come back here and leave a comment letting us know you did it.

Only one comment needed,  Thanks!


Watch for comments on the page regarding this give away and what is inside your envelope as it is still being put together!


One thought on “Free Money

  1. i put a post on my page and i already liked the page my post reads as if your interested in getting freebies and saving money with coupons this group is for you, i joined and have gotton many free samples in the mail along with great money saving coupons, last week i saved 39.00 in 1 shopping trip with coupons. join today and its always free to join.


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