Favorite Flikr and Photobucket Memories…

Yea this is a repost from my photography blog. I wanted to bring it over here so that it would not be lost.


So, fair early warning, these might not the best shot photograph in the world. In fact, they might stink to some folks, but these are my favorite.

Taken with my old favorite Fuji s700…. I loved that camera. It was the first camera that gave me some control over how my photo’s look. Now this picture might be boring, but, it is actually published in a travel thing. It is under Old Fort Niagara


One of the first photo’s of my new DSLR ( back when it was new ) The boys had a thing where they slept in the living room every Friday evening for as long as we can remember. After fresh haircuts and a bath. They crawled up on the hide-a-bed and went to dreamland.

I just love the action of this photo, not very well done, but I love the action of his bike, the expression on his face.

Again, not the greatest shot, but man of man, I love seeing baby feet walking in the water. Especially now, because he is a rambunctious 4 year old that I miss.

My dad having fun with my son… Memories that my children will have the rest of their lives.

Not sharp, not right by photographer terms, but man, I sure do kick myself for not having this printed up before I lost the original in the computer crash of 2010.

Best friends, that are no longer.

Back when Caseymommy was cute.Back when I was young. Back when 8-tracks were still being sold.

Back when he learned how to ride a bike. Memories. We never thought he would be able to.

Missed friendships that are no longer.

Sunrise with our Lord. Beautiful!

Playing in the rain.

Memories of going for a walk with the Children and capturing a funny moment.

Well, this was my trip down memory lane. I am sure I will do it again.

Till Next time……


Go make some memories!


3 thoughts on “Favorite Flikr and Photobucket Memories…

  1. you ahve a fliker account?? me too where can i find ayou? though you may think these are not”perfect” pictures..they show the REAL life you live and to me that makes them perfect!! thanks for sharing!


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