Missing out

I have missed a lot of things lately. I have missed sewing, I love sewing clothing for my family and friends. I miss pinning out the pieces and then cutting the said pieces. I love watching the article come to fruition. I am going to set up my sewing area this week, that is, if I do not end up selling my prized possession. But, nevertheless, if I do. I of course have my old Singer I can use:)

Another thing I missed, is taking pictures. I have not been shooting my camera like I want. I was able to do so this weekend. 

We are huge fans of Crosspoint String Band. Whenever they were in NY, we would try hard to go see them. Now, we live in their backyard, it should be easier to see them. I just do not want to be a stalker, ya know?

I have missed out a lot on my children and their lives growing up. At first, I was severely sick and depressed. I mean sick. I had PPD and was not able to get out of bed, let alone be a mama to my other 3 children. Then, when I went to work to help my husband, I missed out a lot as I worked a ton of hours. Then I came back home, went back to work and worked more hours then I care to admit to.

Now, I work a straight 40 with the occasional overtime. I am spending a lot of time with my precious babies who are growing older by the moment. With a 16 year old on my hands, who by the way has a suitor. A nice one at that. I have treasuring every moment she is offering.

God is good!



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