Giveaway! Couponing, Frugal & Freebie Loving

Yes, the give away is happening right now! You must like the page. You will have a chance to have 3 chances of winning.

What are you winning you might ask?

Well, this.

Inside, there are compartments, a notepad and even a pen….

I am also including $10.00 worth of coupons. Real coupons that you will be able to use. Not the ones you will not use,

I promise, I am giving up coupons I could would use is I was not having this give away.

Well, we as in my partner in crime (Meredith) just started a new page.  It is called Couponing, Frugal & Freebie Loving.

So, the rules….

  1. You must go like the new page come back here and leave a response with your Facebook name.
  2. You must share it with friends, either by Twitter or by Facebook and leave a response on this post. You must link us in your post. Facebook you put an @Couponing, Frugal & Freebies in front of our name. We do not have a twitter account for the page as of yet, so just link us in your twitter post.
  3. Leave a comment here, just leave a comment that you want to enter….
So, you have 3 chances of winning. Just make sure you leave 3 comments with what you have done.  Here on this post.
On May 14th, it ends at Midnight CST. On the 15th, we will post who won!
Happy Winning!!!!
Wanted to clarify, the giveaway ends May 14th, 2011 at Midnight CST ( central time ) We will use a random number generator to find out who the winner is!
The total amount of savings already in the organizer is at $17.00 with a chance of more being added in!

26 thoughts on “Giveaway! Couponing, Frugal & Freebie Loving

  1. This is awesome, Ginger! I love it!
    What is the deadline for this giveaway?
    and How will winner be chosen?

  2. Love it Ginger! I love couponing and love your new site…will check back often : )

    Good luck with your coupon craziness……let the savings begin.

  3. ok, did everything…so please enter me in the coupon contest….my coups are falling out all over the place……oh joy!

    • You did, for one entry, but to get 3, you also need to link back to where you linked this blog to on your facebook., like the page and come back here and say that you liked it,

  4. this has to be the neatest coupon organizer i have seen yet. so glad you started this site. I totally shared you in FB. Please enter me in the contest – would def love this little kit. ty

  5. Great giveaway! I have downsized on my couponing system, but have outgrown the one I am now using! Sure would love to win this one! On Facebook I am Stacey ‘Glenney’ Knapp

  6. I finally remembered to join and do this. Been meaning to but seemed to get interrupted or something. I hope I win that organizer is so cute!


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