Life as I Want it to Be

Most days I think we just muddle through. We get up, run to the bathroom.

Is that just me?

We eat our breakfast, we grab our meds or vitamins or both. We take them. Drink the coffee.

We grab a shower, sip some more coffee and check Facebook.

But do we grab our bible to have some quiet time with Him?

I think a lot of us, me included are just on the constant run.  We do not give God much thought till we actually need Him. I know, I am the same way.

This week, I was determined to praise His name each day, No matter what. I have not really gotten up to read my bible, but I have been praising His name. God is good all the time, even on Mountains when we think He is just sitting around. He isn’t. But when life is going good, we tend to not think about God.

Life as I want it to be…..

We can all say how we want to be.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a veterinarian. I then wanted to be an NFL football player. On the Buffalo Bills.

I know extremely laughable on both accounts.

A friend and I in highschool both tried out to be on the football team.  Neither one of us made it. We were told we were girls.


Well, when we tried out, everyone laughed at us too LOL….

I want to live my life more pleasing to God. I want to trust in Him, have more Faith in Him.

I want to give Him praise, even in the bad times. A work in progress.

I am a work in progress, aren’t we all though?

I want to be a better parent. I am working on giving my children to God, especially my teen daughter.

I want to……

fill in the blank.  We all have wants. We all have dreams.

Everyone has a past, it is how we look to the future and how we act now is what is important.

I want to be a better Christian, and this is what I am and will be working on.



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