I have a lot of junk…

My husband has more junk then I do.

At least, my junk has some sort of use or meaning.

I have sewing machines.

I have lenses

I have kids

or what,

Scratch the kids, they are not junk.

He has, tools, that have come to good use here and there.

He has knives that scare me.

He has things that if someone were to ever enter into our home unannounced, they would have a huge hole in their head.

My kids have junk

Thomas the Train stuff no one playa with.

Cars I am forever stepping on.

Lego’a that my vacuum loves to eat.

clothes, Casey has a lot of clothes and shoes. Can one call them junk?

Her daddy does.

Where was I going with this post?

Don’t remember anymore HAHA…..

The End

ps Do you have junk?



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