Just Another Day

So, yesterday I had a day off of work. I actually had 2 off in a row. Neato!

So, what do I do?

I drag the kids to one of my fav camping sites and start shooting them with the Canon….

Of course I decided to play with my very expensive yet, hardly ever used flash.

I need much much more practice with it. But I LOVE it!

I like that there is not a lot of dappled light. it was also pretty cloudy but I liked how this shot came out. I need to work on focusing better too.

Yep, needs lots lots more practice!

I also refuse to pay school prices for pictures when I can take my own, and send them to be printed at cost to me. Instead of the school’s price.

I did not have my lens open enough for this one ( the focal range basically ), but I like the bokah ( the blurred background )

I think I might like flash photography too!



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