So, I am hanging out today with my kiddos. We are working on laundry and playing the Wii and just messing around.

I am trying to figure out where to go to church tonight ( we are still church shopping ).

I am reading blogs, and trying to remember that I am a child of God.

I do not always make time for God.

I know, ya all thought I was perfect right?


I am not

My grammar is not all that good.

I forget punctuation.

I also forget to remember to dot my eyes, good thing my computer does it for me.

I will put now when I mean know and know when I mean now.

I forget that my bible is not just another book. It does collect dust at times.

Why is it, when we are down in the valley, we tend to cry out to God and pray more and also read more searching for His ways.

But when we are up on the mountain, we forget that He is there? We forget to give Him the glory?

I know my family has been trying to keep away from legalism, but, are we keeping ourselves from God?

I really hope not. I hope we find our church home, that it will be home. I am praying that my children will walk in His ways and not my husband and my ways.

I do pray for my husband and children daily. I pray that they find mates in life that will help them grow further with Christ. I pray that my husband and children will have that personal walk with Him, one that only they can have,

I am trying to figure out which direction to take this blog. Do I just put my musings and life here. Do you think I should have pics here or just on my photography blog? ( Well, that is ore for business at the moment )

I think I just answered my own question sorry,

I have had a couple of shoots already and I am liking how they are turning out. I am still needing more experience. So, as soon as I have my DBA, I will branch out and offer myself out for services. I think I am ready.

I love my life. I work and somedays that does sadden me, but I do enjoy my job. I enjoy doing what I do.

Somedays I really HATE my job.

I love being a wife and a mother. I love the roles that I am playing now. No one else is better fitted to play Ginger yet.

Maybe Julia Roberts,

But, I would need to seriously loose a ton of weight to get there

I am still debating on weight loss surgery. I think I am now ready for it.

Nothing I am doing is working for me. Maybe I ought to ask God for that help eh?

maybe I will…

I have realized, you do not have to wear a skirt to be a Christian, nor do you have go to church. I do believe that where 2 or more are gathered in His name, he is there with us.

I believe the KJV is the ONLY inspired word of God ( I KNOW I KNOW I owe a post on that)

I do believe in most of the Baptist doctrine.

I do believe that there is ONLY one way to get to heaven and that path is narrow.

Ok, i think I am done with this post….

till next time……


One thought on “Musings

  1. Ginger, as strange as this may sound. I believe God has you right where He wants you. Not sure of *yourself* and totally seeking *HIM* about everything.

    I feel like you do too most days. And I choose to look it as an an adventure. Where is God going to lead me next? How is He going to change my mind this time?

    Seriously, a few years ago I thought I had some “core” things set in stone. And now, I realize that stone was just hard clay, that is being washed away by the water of the Word. And now I am not too sure. Got to totally rely on God this time around. Instead of other’s words and myself.

    It can be scarey, but it can be exciting too!


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