Celebrating 9 years is a long time now a days in a life between a man and a woman. Married.

For some odd reason, it just amazed me when I am told so and so is getting a divorce.

I wonder why a lot of times. What is the real issue.

The message I heard at church tonight was a really good one. Basically it was on the premise of “It’s All About Me.” That is so  me.

We here in America, maybe even Canada, Europe, we live in this mentality it is all about me. What is in it for me. We do not even begin to think about Him.


Them. The Lost.

When was the last time you prayed that someone would get saved?

When was the last time I prayed for salvation for my family?

When was the last time I put my husband first, my children first before my wants and needs?

I am selfish and I admit it.

Oh sure, I do certain things for my husband and children,  But I have this mentality.  This “ME” mentality.

I admit God is not first in my life.

I admit it because I do not want to be dishonest on this blog. I want to be upfront about it.

I need to put God first





I began thinking,

Yea I know,

thinking is not something I do well….

I love this skit by Lifehouse. I really think it shows what Christ is about. What He does for you and I, and them.

It is older and I know I have shown it before on a blog or 2….

But, it makes me think each time.

I know……

I want to put Him first in my life and I want to put Them first in my life.

Pray for me, will ya?




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