Boring Post Alert

Sitting here watching some tv, while I have clothes drying on the line on my balcony, clothes in the wash and getting ready to actually do some more vacuuming. The balcony needs to be straighten up  and I need to dust.

I was motivated and will be again in a few moments. Taking a small break on a day off. I LOVE my days off. I rather do nothing though. I clean and cook at work, why do I want to do it again when I get home.

I do it because my babies deserve a clean home, and good food in their bellies

Hmm speaking of food, I need to go get something out LOL.

Ya know how long it has been since I made bread? MONTHS!!!!!!!! Maybe next week, I will make some! I go back to work tomorrow and will work till Wed.

Why am I blogging mundane stuff? Well, I want to keep it real here on my blog. Even the boring stuff.

Later on, I have a photo-shoot and I will edit a couple of teaser photo’s later on, and then add in more tomorrow or so.

Ok so, I will go ahead and end this LOL…..

Sorry to bore ya to death…



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