Pet Peeves

I have so many pet peeves that I sometimes struggle to remember that not everyone is as perfect as me…

couch cough

What are yours?

A few of mine are the

the alarm waking me up, how dare it….

People who lives off of welfare, ya know the ones that use it for their employment, not for what it was designed for.

Another peeve is people talking or texting on their cell phone while driving, I can not tell you how many times in a day that I almost get rain off the road. Good thing I do not do the above cause we both would be in trouble. The best ones are,when you honk your horn to remind them they are getting ready to hit you head on and they flip up how many brain cells they have.

Not closing the cupboards or turning off lights when you leave the room.

folding my towels the wrong way!

Ok, so this was a way boring post, but leave a comment if you dare to on your pet peeves!!



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