I have this friend, her name is Diane.

She is such a doll! I just love her to pieces!

I had just started to cover, and she at the time she did not..

50 pounds ago for me, YUCK! I was big back then!!!

I need to work on it


I also am thinking about going back to really curly hair, I miss it….


Back to the blog post,

Diane and I met many moons ago now it seems, but we met on a titus 2 website, we realized how close we lived and kept saying how we needed to meet up for coffee etc.. She was working and I was too. So, setting up a mutial time was hard.  I believe it was almost a year later we finally did it.

But we did not meet for coffee.

We met for Chinease.

I am not much of a coffee drinker, and she has to have her morning cup…..

I wonder if she has an evening cup.


You can have a chance to meet Diane as well. Some of you already have.

She blogs over to Tomato Soup Cake.

Our daughters are friends as well…

Her beautiful Mikki and my princess Casey

I think Casey is trying to be a pirate or something, covering up her eye like that..

Aye Mate…..

Our boys are friends too, but I didn’t have mine with me.

So Noah says Hi

Hiya Noah! My boys miss you!


2 thoughts on “Friends!

  1. I love Diane, too!!! We have never “really” met although we have talked on the phone and email and facebooked each other! I am looking forward to a day that I can drive to her neck of the woods and take her to lunch…it will be quite a drive, however, so I think we should plan ahead!!

    I am happy for you to have Diane in your life. I am happy that she is in mine although not quite as much as she is in yours!!


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