Is This Thing On?


In other words, am I allowed to post today?

See, we do not have our very own internet here at our home.

So, once in a blue moon,

actually more often then that……

We can piggy back on someone who has forgotten to secure their connection.

So, I am going to take advantage of this wonderful and exciting time and write up a post….

Yea, this is the post. I am not very creative at all.

Aren’t these 2 men cute?

I think they are just to die for.

Ahhh well…………

Another Blog Post

Ya know what is sad?

I used to blog everyday, had pics to show for it, and did all kinds of networking.

Now, I have nothing to show for it.

No network left…

But, as I get idea’s in my head, I plan on getting back into it. Starting with some photo’s. Got to have some pics on this blog.

It looks nekkid, doncha think

Glad my camera and computer are communicating again, for a while they refused to chat with each other.

They must have made up.


Do you get so busy you forget what time of day it is, or even what the date is?

I have been.

I have officially made it past my 3 month mark at work.

Jamie and I are just about caught up with the bills that crept up when he was unemployed.

I will continue to work, homeschool my children and be a wife to my husband.

I am a busy person.

Adding into that, I hope to start a photography business soon. Not that I can even get the camera to talk with the computer (who knows what the issue it could be)

We are also in the midst of moving, no where far, but it has a washer and dryer and will save me lots of Moneys!!!

I like saving lots of money!!!

Till next time!…

New Blog

Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Ginger and I plan on taking you for a ride through my boring life. I have bloggedf before and while I let my old blog go for a long while, I hope to continue to write to this one.

I will be blogging about my life, my children, my photography. I also work out of the house, so, I will evidently get way too busy to post, so if I ignore the blog, do not be alarmed, I just gave you a warning.

So, without further ado, Welcome!